StockTreasury digital stock ledger



StockTreasury is a company headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, which services Delaware state-registered businesses interested in protecting their shares. The system facilitates the secure issuance and transfer of stocks and aids associated communications. In addition, by guaranteeing absolute accuracy and immutability of ownership records, StockTreasury set a benchmark for the industry.

Since it is impossible to protect shares that have not been issued and documented according to the law, the command center streamlines corporate share paperwork so that clients can safeguard their investments.

Digital record keeping is taken to a whole new level of efficiency and control with StockTreasury. Customers can manage their stock ledger directly, and it is possible to issue, receive, transfer, and monitor shares online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

In addition, every stock transaction is protected by KSI®’s quantum-proof blockchain, and authentication is secured by PrimeSigner, a mobile app that guarantees secure account access and digital transaction signing on StockTreasury’s online stock ledger platform.

BIND involvement 

BIND got involved when StockTreasury required a solid app to solve their problems and meet their demands

This project was a typical case scenario in which the development team they were working on delivered a minimum viable product, but they wanted to build it further. Since the external partners had already gone into other projects, we jumped in to help create the best version of the StockTreasury app.

We started by improving the deployment automation and automating the infrastructure setup for better fault tolerance. We also built multiple microservices for extensions and improved the application layer. Finally, we worked with other external partners to create the best digital ledger software. It uses Estonian Guardtime’s KSI blockchain technology and other neat functions.

As a result, we developed an app with an intuitive interface that offers secure login, seamless share transfers, and a quantum-proof digital signature

The help we provide

Regardless of technological challenges, BIND promises an agile collaboration approach. Our team has vast experience in the field and is motivated and responsible. Among our services is helping businesses resolve frustrations regarding their online services and presence. We offer monitoring, prompt support, and ongoing development. As integrated and self-aware partners, we help companies focus on their primary business objectives without interruption.

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