Creating digital experiences that work for you

At Bind, we immerse ourselves in your world because we want to work around your needs to create apps and websites that bring you success – whatever that means to you.

Who we are

Bind is a group of thinkers, designers, writers and engineers with plentiful experience in the tech space, tons of personality and a passion for what we do. As well as helping you optimize your performance and connect with your audience, we want you to enjoy our time together because to us, client relationships are about so much more than just work.

What we do

Based in Tallinn, Estonia, we build digital products that help ambitious companies grow, and we’re all about using our technological expertise to fulfil our clients’ strategic targets. In our work, we focus on insightful strategy, user experience, efficiency and performance to make a positive impact. This normally begins with a single project, leading on to an ongoing role in our partners’ product teams.

How we do it

We use in-depth analysis to gain insights and cooperate closely to put your strategy into practice. Being technologically agnostic, we don’t push any particular method – we’ll work with you to find a custom solution that best serves your needs and creates a unique and rich experience for your audience.

Not just software development

Effective and valued systems often require more expertise and strategical planning than we think. Working on and getting to know the customer domain helps us to understand what role a given software project must fulfil and how to maximise the outcome.

Meaning that we’re there with your team during good times and when things go sideways. Offering almost 24/7 support and thinking along with the customer to solve the situation as quickly as possible and document the findings to the customer team can learn from it for future reference.

Often we help customers to build monitoring and testing solutions on top of existing software as well and integrate them with other tools like CRMs and customer care automation software.

More than code

Today's rapidly changing technology and scalable infrastructure requirements require well-orchestrated DevOps too. No worries, we also handle that. Starting from planning the architecture, processes for data flow & messaging, and preparing repositories on Github, Bitbucket, Gitlab or some specific customer case to set up automated continuous integration & delivery. We’ll set up everything so that it’s easy for developers to work with not worrying about where and how the code runs.

Also, varying needs from simple MVP products to high traffic systems require scalable cloud architecture and ways to move between those providers. Our know-how covers most cloud platforms - Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, Microsoft Azure or custom prepared clouds using Kubernetes and tools like Terraform or Pulumi helps us to make them interoperable.

“I don’t have any reasons not to recommend BIND wholeheartedly.”

Ngozi Dozie, Co-Founder, Carbon Bank

“BIND cared and thought along; we were very impressed by the speed and consistency!”

Ahti Heinla, CTO, Starship

“We felt that BIND shared our values, and that was very important for us.”

Eerik Oja, CEO, Planet42

“The high quality and innovative solutions at BIND were genuinely a value add to the project!”

Aaro Sosaare, CEO, Monefit

“Working with Bind was a pleasure because it felt like they got us, and they completed delivery quicker than we could have ever expected.”

Jari Koivula, IT Director, IPF Digital

“With BIND's clever input, we have been able to achieve a great advance on our project.”

Reimo Raja, Communications Manager, G4S

“The BIND team and their quick solutions were the end to our problems.”

Holger Haljand, VP Enterprise, Telia Company

“BIND is fantastic at listening to your needs and not meddling with internal business.”

Miriam Olusanya, Managing Director, GT Bank