Hyba - palju enamat kui lihtsalt krediidikonto

HyBa: The Innovative Solution for Online Shopping and Payments

HyBa is an Estonian financial services provider created in response to the turbulent economic environment of 2020. With innovation in mind, HyBa has shown constant growth and adaptability to new technology. Moreover, their clear logic allows them to fly above traditional banking and look at the financial world with fresh eyes.

At its core, HyBa is an intuitive and curious company that takes everything seriously and treats clients with respect. They believe everyone deserves support and guidance through logical and accessible financial services. Moreover, HyBa’s future vision for the financial world is based on universal and human-centered design.

Therefore, HyBa’s goal is to make financial services so convenient for the customer that it would be hard to imagine life without such assistance. Although HyBa is not a bank, it is democratic and technology-based and wishes to create new standards in the financial world.

As a solution, they provide a credit account with no management fees. So when clients open a HyBa account, they won’t be charged any administrative fees or required to use a credit limit.

In addition to their credit account, they offer a cash reserve that can be easily managed from the home bank’s mobile app. HyBa SPLIT is another innovative feature that allows customers to complete a purchase immediately but pay for it in three equal parts.

HyBa’s services are designed to give customers greater flexibility and control over their finances. Whether they need to make a purchase or manage unexpected expenses, HyBa provides a simple and convenient way to access credit and cash reserves.

Proactive and agile collaboration with BIND

As a fast-growing service provider, Hyba needed a reliable partner to help them with their tech needs; that’s when they found BIND. We were eager to take on the challenge and bring their vision to life

First, we collaborated closely with their team to understand their needs and requirements. Then, we devised a plan to develop a solution that would work seamlessly for them and their customers.

We began by developing a responsive frontend and backend that communicated with modular banking systems. This allowed HyBa to provide its customers with a seamless banking experience. We also developed a self-service portal that enabled customers to manage their accounts quickly and efficiently.

Additionally, we implemented an automated DevOps setup so that HyBa’s systems could handle high traffic volumes and operate smoothly at all times. With automatic scaling, the platform could easily adapt to changes in traffic and usage patterns without any manual intervention. 

In addition to our tech work, we also supported product development and launch planning. Thus, we worked closely with HyBa to ensure that their product was ready for launch and would meet their customers’ needs. And once the product was launched, we helped with partner relations, assisting with onboarding business customers who were starting to use HyBa’s banklink service.

Our partnership with HyBa was a success, and we were thrilled to have played a role in developing their plans. The result was a smooth and user-friendly banking experience that fulfilled the expectations of their customers. We’re proud to have been a part of this innovative project and look forward to seeing them grow even more prominent.

When you work with BIND, you can accomplish anything

At BIND, we strive to create an environment where our partners feel comfortable and listened to. We offer consultancy services to help companies make the best technical decisions and assist with testing ideas out as soon as possible.

As a result, we are cost-effective and offer close monitoring, immediate support, and ongoing development. In addition, we function as a fully integrated partner for businesses, handling their challenges and enabling them to direct their attention and internal resources toward their clients and business objectives.
We provide solutions that work for businesses through our expertise in frameworks, other development tools, and the latest technology. Our team is committed to delivering reliable and flexible services to our partners, allowing them to materialize any ambitions.

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Ngozi Dozie, Co-Founder, Carbon Bank

“BIND cared and thought along; we were very impressed by the speed and consistency!”

Ahti Heinla, CTO, Starship

“We felt that BIND shared our values, and that was very important for us.”

Eerik Oja, CEO, Planet42

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Aaro Sosaare, CEO, Monefit

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Jari Koivula, IT Director, IPF Digital

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Reimo Raja, Communications Manager, G4S

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Holger Haljand, VP Enterprise, Telia Company

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Miriam Olusanya, Managing Director, GT Bank