IPF Digital, the €170 million company taking over the world


IPF Digital is a public limited company with over 17 years of experience in personal financing that operates under multiple brands worldwide, such as Credit24, Creditea, and Hapipozyczki

The company offers online credit solutions to over 300.000 customers in 8 countries, being the market leader in many of them. With over €170 million in total revenue, IPF is part of the International Personal Finance Group.

In 2006, IPF began operating in Estonia, focusing on small-scale loans to individuals. Clients can take out loans online and repay them remotely in monthly installments. A typical loan lasts two years, and payments are collected responsibly, avoiding any adverse effects on a customer’s credit score. 

As an ethical business, IPF values its relationships with customers. They provide their clients with flexible, secure, and transparent financial solutions through their Creditea platform. In addition to protecting their customers’ money, they also protect their data

For example, IPF uses the Mastercard 3D Secure solution to secure purchases in online stores. In addition, mobile app login options include facial recognition, PIN codes, and fingerprints, which are secure and modern.

IPF is committed to responsible lending, so much so that Finance Estonia bestowed the Good Practice label on the company in 2019 and 2020. This recognition confirms their commitment to a reliable financial system. Furthermore, the company adheres to responsible and sustainable lending principles and encourages fair and free competition

In addition, participating in social projects is also essential to the company’s commitment to being responsible. For example, Estonian volleyball has been supported by Credit24 since 2010.

BIND’s involvement and when it began

The collaboration between BIND and IPF started in 2017, and its focus was to help the company scale into new markets

Therefore, the primary goals were to build a scalable base, automate the deployment, and grow their internal team. In addition, BIND investigated how to set up their mobile banking adequately

The initial problem the company faced came from the fact that new markets need easy-to-adopt solutions and that marketing needs to react quickly and independently

Unfortunately, they had issues with their chosen tech, so we assisted by combining their legacy FE Solutions with easy-to-adapt open source WordPress. These changes achieved a more streamlined and unified application while simultaneously empowering the marketing team to perform their tasks efficiently and quickly. 

With our help, IPF was able to quickly expand into multiple new markets, build a new development team in Poland, and launch mobile products. Later, even more success followed when they got a bank license and scaled even further.

What to expect from working with us

BIND promises an agile collaboration and a proactive approach to any technological issues a company is facing. We are a team of motivated and responsible individuals with vast experience in the field. 

As part of our services, we work closely with businesses to assist them in solving their technical dissatisfactions. Aside from monitoring and prompt support, we provide ongoing development as well. Our mission is to help companies remain focused on their primary business objectives by working alongside them as integrated and self-aware partners.

“I don’t have any reasons not to recommend BIND wholeheartedly.”

Ngozi Dozie, Co-Founder, Carbon Bank

“BIND cared and thought along; we were very impressed by the speed and consistency!”

Ahti Heinla, CTO, Starship

“We felt that BIND shared our values, and that was very important for us.”

Eerik Oja, CEO, Planet42

“The high quality and innovative solutions at BIND were genuinely a value add to the project!”

Aaro Sosaare, CEO, Monefit

“Working with Bind was a pleasure because it felt like they got us, and they completed delivery quicker than we could have ever expected.”

Jari Koivula, IT Director, IPF Digital

“With BIND's clever input, we have been able to achieve a great advance on our project.”

Reimo Raja, Communications Manager, G4S

“The BIND team and their quick solutions were the end to our problems.”

Holger Haljand, VP Enterprise, Telia Company

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Miriam Olusanya, Managing Director, GT Bank